Traveling Round the World With a Backpack and a Budget

Do you dream of traveling round the world? Have you always imagined what it would be like to leave all of the trials in life behind, pack a backpack, and see see what’s out in the world? Well, you can do it and stay within your budget no matter how small that budget is.

Traveling round the world is a dream of many and a reality of few. However, people have been doing it for hundreds of years. In today’s world of modern technology it is easier than ever. ATM machines are widely available, transportation improves on a daily basis and wifi connections are available everywhere. Long gone are the days of being out of contact for extended periods of time. Today’s traveler is only a phone card, wifi connection or skype hookup away.

Many countries throughout the world can afford you a very comfortable traveling experience for a fraction of what it costs for normal daily expenses in the western world. Places like Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe and South America are heavily traveled and have become both accessible and economically viable to round the world travelers. The costs of traveling in Southeast Asia can be as low as $20 a day. In many places $50 a day will afford you the lifestyle of a king. Prices are so low in India that in many parts of the country it would be almost impossible to spend $50 a day. By eliminating your carrying debt at home you can travel round the world for a very modest sum.

Using an average budget of only $50 a day you can successfully travel throughout the globe. The budget of $50 a day is a per day average which should include transport, lodging, food, recreation and beer (always an important thing to budget). In many countries you will spend considerably less than your per day budget. By spending less in some locales it will allow for higher expenditures in others. It also allows for activities to be put into the budget. After all, if you travel round the world to India to see the Taj Mahal you intend to enter the palace despite the $32 admission cost.

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